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Sinay ETA module product leaflet

Designed for Ports and Shipping

Use cases

Best smart port models


Ports can minimize vessel turnaround time and predict how long it will take a ship to come at berth
Smart Port Data AI

Terminal Operators

Terminal Operators can optimize cargo operations, and port call processes by better allocating resources
ETA in shipping estimated time of arrival of delivery


Shippers can track their vessels along the entire route and optimize vessel routes
containers port

Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs)

Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs) can track their cargo, which is especially important for interoperable routes


Benefits for shipping industries
Better predict waiting times 
and reduce fuel consumption. 
Increases efficiency and transparency
in the global supply chain. 
Positively contribute
to decarbonization. 
Benefits for ports
Optimize time at berth
& Better allocate resources
Avoid berth conflicts 
& improve maritime safety. 
Prevent port congestion
and reduce air pollution  
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