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Optimize performance and safety of your offshore operations

with Metocean Analytics

Estimate your offshore operations’ weather downtime to optimize operational planning. It fits perfectly with the efficiency and productivity required by each phase of offshore projects: Bidding, Pre-feasibility, feasibility, Business Development, Offshore site first overview, Preliminary site characterization, and Offshore operation planning.

Enhance your operations with


Worlwide coverage

Analyze wind, wave, ocean currents, tidal currents, water height, temperature, and salinity at a global level.


Flexible choice of metocean analysis

Define and choose the average
conditions, the extreme value, the data
validation, and create specific reports.


Weather downtime

Analyze the data to know the weather downtime for all your complex operations.

Metocean Whitepaper

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They Rely On Metocean Analytics

In just a few years, Metocean Analytics has become the digital solution providing metocean
analysis to market leaders involved in Renewable energy, Oil and Gas, Civil Engineering,
Marine operation sector, and supporting worldwide offshore and coastal projects.

Harnessing data-driven efficiency for marine operations

Weather Data

View and download the operational analysis of wind, wave, and ocean current data at selected locations.
The characteristics of the digital datasets associated with the quality control results and the methodology applied for each statistical calculation are detailed.
Generate a preliminary metocean analysis report with the content of your choice based on the previously computed statistical analysis.

statistical analysis

Marine Contractors

To ensure the efficiency of port performance, and marine & offshore operations, marine contractors rely on state-of-the-art solutions, reliable data, and accurate analysis.

Metocean Analytics allows the creation of multiple projects. Multiple users can be on the same account, and share results and reports for efficient collaboration. This collaborative tool gives you access to track current and past projects, reports, and all collaborators’ comments thanks to an intuitive dashboard.

Metocean analytics, collaborative tool for metocean data analyze


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Marine renewable energies

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 9, industry, innovation and infrastructure
SDG 11, sustainable cities and communities
SDG 13, climate action
SDG 14, life below water

Sinay’s Metocean Analytics solution offers an innovative approach to gathering and monitoring metocean data for offshore projects, providing valuable insights and analysis to enhance the efficiency and safety of the industry. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, the solution delivers data on weather conditions & other environmental factors that impact offshore operations, enabling companies to make informed decisions that optimize project performance and reduce risk. This promotes sustainable practices and environmental consciousness, making it an essential tool in supporting the safety and preservation of marine biodiversity.