CMA CGM Container Tracking

Track and get your CMA CGM container status, latitude & longitude and ETA

Input the CMA CGM container number of your container to get its position. Easily track your container from the CMA CGM company with the port of departure, the position, the port of arrival, and all the relevant information you need to know about your container. 

About CMA CGM Shipping Company

What is CMA CGM?

CMA CGM is a leading global shipping company, renowned for its extensive fleet and innovative logistics solutions. With a commitment to sustainability and efficiency, CMA CGM plays a pivotal role in facilitating international trade and commerce.

Founded in Marseille, France, CMA CGM has expanded its reach worldwide, operating in over 160 countries and employing thousands of people. Continuously adapting to market demands, CMA CGM is recognized for its agility and reliability in delivering cargo across oceans, connecting businesses and communities globally.

Important data about CMA CGM container service

  1. Global Reach: CMA CGM operates on over 200 shipping routes between 420 ports in 150 countries. Its global presence ensures extensive coverage, allowing it to offer services connecting major ports worldwide.

  2. Fleet Size: The company boasts a large and modern fleet of container ships, including some of the largest in the world. As of my last update, the CMA CGM fleet comprises over 500 ships with a capacity exceeding 2.5 million TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units).

  3. Innovative Ship Design: CMA CGM has been a leader in adopting environmentally friendly technologies. For instance, it has incorporated LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) powered vessels into its fleet, which significantly reduce environmental impact by lowering emissions compared to traditional maritime fuels.

  4. Specialized Services: Apart from standard container shipping, CMA CGM offers specialized services including refrigerated containers for perishable goods and solutions for oversized cargo. This adaptability makes them a preferred carrier for a variety of industries.

  5. Digital Services: CMA CGM has invested in digital tools to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. Services like online booking, tracking, and electronic documentation streamline the process for customers and reduce paperwork.

  6. Sustainability Goals: The company is committed to environmental stewardship, aiming to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Their ongoing initiatives include increasing energy efficiency, deploying cleaner energy sources, and participating in global environmental discussions.

  7. Partnerships and Alliances: CMA CGM is a part of various shipping alliances and partnerships, which helps expand their service offerings and global reach. These alliances enable cooperative sharing of vessels and network resources, optimizing global trade lanes.

  8. Acquisitions and Expansion: Over the years, CMA CGM has grown not only organically but also through strategic acquisitions such as APL (American President Lines), which has further expanded its global footprint and capabilities.

How do I track a CMA CGM container?

Input the CMA CGM container number of your container to get its position.

CMA CGM's largest container carrier

The biggest container ships in the CMA CGM line have the same tonnage capacity (23 112 EVP):

  • CMA CGM Sorbonne: IMO 9839210, MMSI 228038360

  • CMA CGM Trocadéro: IMO 9839167, MMSI 228402900

  • CMA CGM Concorde: IMO 9839208, MMSI 228401800

  • CMA CGM Montmartre: IMO 9839155, MMSI 228397700

  • CMA CGM Rivoli: IMO 9839193, MMSI 228397600

  • CMA CGM Louvre: IMO 9839143, MMSI 228394900

  • CMA CGM Palais Royal: IMO 9839181, MMSI 228394600

  • CMA CGM Jacques Saadé: IMO 9839179, MMSI 228386700

FAQ About              Container tracking

Vessel tracking involves the real-time monitoring of ships’ locations and movements using a variety of tracking systems and technologies. This practice is essential for ensuring maritime safety, optimizing fleet management, and securing cargo shipments.

Tracking a CMA CGM container will provide you with various details including the container’s current location, its past and future port calls, estimated arrival and departure times at each port, and any transit-related updates or notifications of delays.

Container tracking can help cut expenses by offering real-time updates on container locations. This enables shippers to avoid incurring charges such as demurrage, detention, and port storage fees, which accrue when containers overstay their allotted time at a facility.