Maersk Container Tracking

Track and get your Maersk container status, latitude & longitude and ETA

Input the Maersk container number of your container to get its position. Easily track your container from the Maersk company with the port of departure, the position, the port of arrival, and all the relevant information you need to know about your container. 

About Maersk Shipping Company

What is Maersk?

Established in 1904, Maersk stands as a pioneering force in Danish shipping and logistics, boasting a global presence. Renowned for its expansive reach and eco-conscious practices, Maersk plays a vital role in fostering efficient and sustainable global trade through its comprehensive array of services, including container shipping, port operations, freight forwarding, and logistics solutions.

With a fleet exceeding 700 vessels and a footprint spanning 130 nations, Maersk commands a significant portion of the global container shipping market, handling approximately twenty percent of its capacity.

Important data about Maersk container service

Maersk Container Service is a division of Maersk Line, the container shipping arm of the Maersk Group. Here’s what you should know about Maersk Container Service:

  1. Global Coverage: Maersk Container Service provides shipping solutions worldwide, connecting major ports across continents. With its extensive network and large fleet of container vessels, Maersk offers comprehensive coverage to serve the needs of businesses and individuals shipping goods internationally.

  2. Diverse Range of Services: Maersk Container Service offers a wide range of shipping services tailored to meet various customer needs. This includes standard container shipping for general cargo, specialized services for refrigerated cargo (reefer containers), oversized cargo, and hazardous materials, among others.

  3. Efficient Logistics Solutions: In addition to ocean freight services, Maersk Container Service provides integrated logistics solutions to optimize supply chains. This includes services such as inland transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, and freight forwarding, helping businesses manage their cargo from origin to destination seamlessly.

  4. Digital Tools and Platforms: Maersk Container Service has invested in digital technology to enhance customer experience and streamline shipping processes. Customers can access online platforms for booking shipments, tracking containers in real time, managing documentation, and obtaining quotes, among other functions.

  5. Commitment to Sustainability: Like the broader Maersk Group, Maersk Container Service is committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. It seeks to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and has implemented various initiatives to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and promote eco-friendly practices throughout its operations.

  6. Customer-Centric Approach: Maersk Container Service prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering reliable services, responsive customer support, and innovative solutions to meet evolving shipping requirements. It strives to build long-term partnerships with customers and provide value-added services to support their business growth.

How do I track a Maersk container?

Input the Maersk container number of your container to get its position.

Maersk's largest container carrier

The biggest container ships in the Maersk line:

  • Maersk McKinney Moller: IMO 9619907, MMSI 219018271.
  • Maersk Madrid: IMO 9778791, MMSI 219836000. 
  • Maersk Emma: IMO 9321483, MMSI 220417000
  • Maersk Maastricht: IMO 9780483, MMSI 219045000
  • Maersk Mumbai: IMO 9780471, MMSI 219039000
  • Maersk Manila: IMO 9780471, MMSI 219039000
  • Maersk Murcia: IMO 9780457, MMSI 219036000 

FAQ About              Container tracking

Vessel tracking involves the real-time monitoring of ships’ locations and movements using a variety of tracking systems and technologies. This practice is essential for ensuring maritime safety, optimizing fleet management, and securing cargo shipments.

Tracking a Maersk container will provide you with various details including the container’s current location, its past and future port calls, estimated arrival and departure times at each port, and any transit-related updates or notifications of delays.

Container tracking can help cut expenses by offering real-time updates on container locations. This enables shippers to avoid incurring charges such as demurrage, detention, and port storage fees, which accrue when containers overstay their allotted time at a facility.