MSC Container Tracking

Track and get your Maersk container status, latitude & longitude and ETA

Input the MSC container number of your container to get its position. Easily track your container from the MSC company with the port of departure, the position, the port of arrival, and all the relevant information you need to know about your container. 

About MSC Shipping Company

What is MSC?

MSC, short for Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A., emerged onto the global shipping scene in 1970, founded by Gianluigi Aponte in Italy. Since 1978, the company has found its home in Switzerland, firmly under the stewardship of the Aponte family.

Holding the title of the largest container shipping entity worldwide in both fleet size and cargo capacity, MSC commands nearly twenty percent of the global container ship fleet.

Important data about MSC container service

MSC Container Services:

  1. Global Presence: MSC operates an extensive network of container shipping services worldwide.

  2. Fleet Size: MSC boasts one of the largest fleets in the industry, comprising container vessels of various sizes and capacities to cater to different cargo needs. As of the latest available data, MSC’s fleet consists of over 500 container ships.

  3. Cargo Capacity: With its vast fleet, MSC has a substantial cargo-carrying capacity. MSC’s fleet’s total TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) capacity is estimated to be over 4 million TEUs.

  4. Service Offerings: MSC provides a wide range of container shipping services, including:

    • Full Container Load (FCL)
    • Less than Container Load (LCL)
    • Specialized Cargo Handling
  5. Trade Lanes: MSC operates on major trade lanes, facilitating global trade between regions such as Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania.

  6. Technology and Innovation: MSC invests in advanced technologies and innovative solutions to enhance its container services, including digital platforms for tracking and managing shipments, efficient vessel operations, and environmentally sustainable practices.

  7. Customer Support: MSC provides comprehensive customer support services to assist shippers and consignees throughout the shipping process.

How do I track a MSC container?

Input the MSC container number of your container to get its position.

MSC's largest container ship

The biggest container ships in the MSC line:

  • MSC Gülsün: 23.756 TEU. IMO 9839430, MMSI 372003000.
  • MSC Irina: 24.346 TEU. IMO 9929429, MMSI 636022601.
  • MSC Mina: 23.656 TEU. IMO 9929429, MMSI 636022601.
  • MSC Loreto: 24.346 TEU. IMO 9934735, MMSI 636022600.
  • MSC Michel Cappellini: 24.646 TEU. IMO 9929431, MMSI 636022604.

FAQ About              Container tracking

Vessel tracking involves the real-time monitoring of ships’ locations and movements using a variety of tracking systems and technologies. This practice is essential for ensuring maritime safety, optimizing fleet management, and securing cargo shipments.

Tracking a Maersk container will provide you with various details including the container’s current location, its past and future port calls, estimated arrival and departure times at each port, and any transit-related updates or notifications of delays.

Container tracking can help cut expenses by offering real-time updates on container locations. This enables shippers to avoid incurring charges such as demurrage, detention, and port storage fees, which accrue when containers overstay their allotted time at a facility.