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Input the IMO number or the name of the Cosco’s vessel, and get complete information about the ship voyage (position, schedule, ETA, etc). 

About Cosco Shipping Company

What is Cosco?

COSCO stands for China Ocean Shipping Company, a government-owned shipping and logistics concern for the People’s Republic of China. They have several subsidiaries including OOCL, COSCO Shipping Co Ltd, New Golden Sea, and Shanghai Pan Asian Shipping.  

Important data about Cosco group

With more than 10.000 ships. COSCO visits more than a thousand ports globally. They have 130.000 employees and a revenue of 7.2 billion RMB (renminbi).  

They ship more than 3.1 million total TEU.

Cosco stands to add around 50 ships and 850.000 TEU to their fleet and capacity.

How do I track a Cosco vessel?

Simply input the IMO number or the name of the Cosco vessel of your choice.

Cosco Shipping line and Container

The Cosco Group has more than 10.000 ships. Around 500 ships are container ships. 

Biggest ships in Cosco Group

The biggest vessels in the Cosco Shipping line are:

  • Cosco Shipping Galaxy
  • Cosco Shipping Nebula
  • Cosco Shipping Planet
  • Cosco Shipping Solar
  • Cosco Shipping Star

Frequently Asked Questions About Vessel Tracking

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Vessel tracking is the process of monitoring the movement and location of ships, usually in real-time, through the use of various tracking systems and technologies. This capability is critical for multiple reasons, including maritime safety, efficient fleet management, and the security of cargo shipments.

Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a maritime tracking system that enables vessels to automatically transmit and receive information, including their identity, position, course, and speed, to other ships and shore-based stations. It enhances maritime safety, navigation efficiency, and situational awareness by providing real-time vessel tracking and facilitating collision avoidance measures.

The choice of a vessel tracking solution depends on different factors: requirements, constraints & objectives; features and functionalities; technology used; and accuracy, coverage, interface, and cost.