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Input the IMO number or the name of the Evergreen Marine vessel, and get complete information about the ship voyage (position, schedule, ETA, etc). 

About Evergreen Marine Corporation

What is Evergreen Marine?

Evergreen Marine Corporation is a prominent global shipping company known for its expansive fleet and innovative logistics solutions. Committed to sustainability and operational efficiency, Evergreen Marine facilitates international trade and connectivity on a significant scale.

Founded in Taiwan, Evergreen Marine has grown into a worldwide operation, serving over 100 countries and employing a large workforce. The company is renowned for its adaptability and steadfast delivery of cargo across oceans, linking businesses and communities globally.

Important data about Evergreen Marine shipping company

Evergreen Marine is one of the world’s largest container shipping companies, boasting a fleet exceeding 200 vessels and a total container capacity surpassing 1.5 million TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units).

The company operates on major trade routes worldwide, connecting Asia, Europe, North America, and other regions.

Evergreen Marine employs over 30,000 personnel and achieves substantial annual revenue.

How do I track a Evergreen Marine vessel?

You can track an Evergreen Marine vessel by entering its IMO number or name into the tracking tool.

Evergreen Marine Services

  • Ocean Freight: Extensive shipping services across major global trade routes.

  • Intermodal Solutions: Integrated transportation solutions combining ocean shipping with rail and trucking services.

  • Reefer Cargo: Specialized refrigerated container services for perishable goods transportation.

  • Special Cargo Handling: Expertise in handling oversized, hazardous, and high-value cargo.

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions: Comprehensive end-to-end logistics and supply chain management.

  • eCommerce Solutions: Digital platforms for online booking, shipment tracking, and documentation management.

  • Value-added Services: Includes cargo insurance, tracking and tracing, cargo handling, and customs brokerage.

Biggest ships in Evergreen Marine shipping company

The largest vessels in the Evergreen Marine fleet include:

  • Ever Forward-Class: Known for their fuel efficiency and sustainability features.

  • Ever Golden-Class: Equipped with advanced technology for efficient operations.

  • Ever Salute-Class: Among the largest container vessels operating in specific regions.

  • Ever Ultra-Class: Featuring capacities tailored to meet the demands of global trade routes.

These vessels exemplify Evergreen Marine’s commitment to delivering reliable and efficient shipping solutions worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Evergeen Marine Vessel Tracking

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Vessel tracking is the process of monitoring the movement and location of ships, usually in real-time, through the use of various tracking systems and technologies. This capability is critical for multiple reasons, including maritime safety, efficient fleet management, and the security of cargo shipments.

The choice of a vessel tracking solution depends on different factors: requirements, constraints & objectives; features and functionalities; technology used; and accuracy, coverage, interface, and cost.

Yes, most vessel tracking tools allow you to track multiple vessels simultaneously by entering their respective IMO numbers, names, or call signs.