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All info accessed via one dashboard 

Have access to all your data in one place. Multiple air quality and water quality projects can be view on one user-friendly dashboard. Create your projects in just a few clicks.


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Key indicators and smart alerts

All key indicators and smart alerts are accessed in just one click. Manage air and water quality, be notified in real-time, browse measurement history, and generate reports.

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Who uses the Sinay Hub?

Use cases

Best smart port models


The Water Module helps monitor water quality for daily activities like dredging, construction, and shipping. 

The Air Module helps ports monitor daily activities like construction, vessels, ruck traffic, and complying with regulations.


Water quality is crucial to ensure cultures grow in a healthy environment. The Water Module, with real-time smart alerts, helps aquatic farmers move cultures to the right place depending on water quality.

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The Air Module, by monitoring toxic pollutant levels, helps the shipping industry to make sure their emissions and activities do not harm the environment or marine and human health.

A unified Environmental Monitoring System

All data in one place

Gather all types of sensors and have access to all information on one dashboard

Key indicators & Alerts

Visualize your key indicators and be alerted in real-time to prevent pollution events

Share your initiatives

Share your environmental monitoring and be environmentally compiant

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