Data Driven Solutions for Ocean Freight and Offshore Industries

Enhancing sustainability and driving efficiency oceanwide thanks to technology. From metocean software to container tracking, Sinay provides a hub of tools designed for industry leaders seeking insights on weather conditions or ocean freight activity.  

Maritime data insights for offshore and freight logistics industries, designed to enhance sustainability and drive efficiency.  

Everything About the Ocean And What Sails On It.

Sailing Through our Areas of Expertise


Ocean Weather Conditions

Discover Sinay tailored metocean analysis including data for waves, wind, current, to optimize offshore operations and avoid any weather downtime. 


Ocean Health

Track down various environmental parameters to monitor water quality or air quality thanks to the Sinay Hub.


Ocean Fauna

Learn about the mitigation studies realized at sea by the Sinay teammates to reduce the impacts of human activities on marine wildlife.


Ocean Freight Logistics

Discover Sinay’s freight tracking services: container tracking, CO2 and noise emissions monitoring, predictive ETA, port and vessel database… available via platform or API.  

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Navigating our Industries

Sinay provides APIs specially designed to boost tech companies in building and scaling their tools and platforms. From GHG emissions calculations to ETA predictions, vessel and container tracking, all Sinay APIs are designed and maintained by a team of tech experts.  

Digital Freight Forwarders, Service Providers and Shippers have integrated our APIs to boost their activity.  


Sinay provides a comprehensive solution for metocean analysis tailored specifically for offshore industries, including vessel owners or operators, energy providers, and survey service providers. This turnkey product empowers these stakeholders to make informed decisions related to vessel routing, project scheduling, resource allocation, and emergency response planning. 

Moreover, Sinay conducts detailed field studies for every phase of projects associated with wind farms or oil platforms. 

With a 15-years of experience in collecting and analyzing maritime data, SINAY uses only the most relevant inputs for professional services. Sinay offers a full range of analysis, study, fieldwork, and real-time monitoring to protect ocean biodiversity. 

Government, IGO, and administration commission Sinay for its professional services.  


Latest Maritime News and Updates

GLEC - Global logistics emissions council

Certified Methodology

Sinay’s CO2 emissions calculations follow the Global Logisitics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework and have been certified by the Smart Freight Center.  

Developers Platform

Discover all Sinay APIs dedicated to ocean freight tracking and environmental monitoring. Container Tracking, ETA, Port Congestion, CO2, and Noise emissions estimations – all APIs are available for FREE upon signing up.

Sinay’s rest APIs can be integrated into any system to enhance and automate logistics operations and tracking. 

developer platform by sinay

Metocean Analytics

Looking to optimize your offshore project’s operational planning and increase efficiency? Metocean Data Analysis is a powerful tool designed to revolutionize how you gather, monitor, and analyze essential weather-related information for all your offshore operations. With Metocean Analytics, you can now make informed decisions and create unlimited scenarios, ensuring smooth sailing even in the most complex conditions. 

statistical analysis

Our Awards


2023 WEF

Sinay is selected as a “Top Innovator” by the World Economic Forum by being part of the wining cohort of the Ocean Data Challenge. 

GLEC - Global logistics emissions council

2023 GLEC

Sinay is now a Smart Freight Center Accredited Partner for CO2 emission calculation on sea voyages which confirms that Sinay’s calculation methodology is compliant with the GLEC Framework, following the ISO 14083 standard. 


2023 Les Echos

Les Echos : Ranking Les Echos « Champions of Growth 2023 », Sinay 171st overall and 2nd among the Naval companies. 


2022 Solar Impulse

The “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label is a credible guarantee of quality for decision-makers in business and government.

2021 Audience Award

Sinay is honored to receive the Audience Award during Salón Náutico Internacional Barcelona for SINAY digital platform!


2020 Blue Invest Day

Blue Invest Day virtually brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and enablers in the Blue Economy.

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 6, clean water and sanitation
SDG 13, climate action
SDG 9, industry, innovation and infrastructure
SDG 11, sustainable cities and communities
SDG 14, life below water

Sinay proudly supports 5 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals with our environmental and logistic modules. The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development goals, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, are “an urgent call for action by all countries, developing and developed, in a global partnership.” This call for action being peace and prosperity for all people and the planet from the present to in the future.

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