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Sinay Hub

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The Sinay Hub is a single digital place to leverage data and deliver actionable insights and indicators.
The Sinay Hub collects, aggregates & analyzes meaningful data through tailored modules. 
Each module solves one major issue to help the maritime industries in their daily businesses. 

All the nine modules integrated into the Sinay hub

Focus on some of our modules

The Air Module

By using the Air module, Industries can easily comply with regulations 
thanks to the automated reportsand : 

  • Monitor Air quality in real-time  
  • Set-up their own threshold parameters
    and be warned anytime, anywhere 
  • Create easily a new « Air Monitoring » project and manage more projects at the same time 

The Estimated Time of Arrival Module

By using the ETA module, Shipping companies can optimize the port calls to: 

  • Better predict waiting times and adjust their travel to reduce fuel consumption 
  • Positively contribute to decarbonization 
  • Optimize port resources planning and safety 

Our mission

We love Data,
we love the Ocean,
we connect both

We believe that a deeper comprehension and better  monitoring of data will enable maritime activities to improve efficiency while reducing environmental footprint.

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