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Metocean Data Analysis

Discover Metocean Analytics to know the weather downtime

Create unlimited scenarios to know the weather downtime
for all your complex operations including wind, wave, ocean currents, tidal currents, water height, temperature,
and salinity data at selected locations.

Developer Platform

Powerful APIs for Maritime Innovators

Developed by a team of data scientists and AI specialists, Sinay’s APIs will help you build the best tools regarding vessel tracking and ETA, port congestion, GHG emissions or ocean analytics, and biodiversity.

They trust us

Key Milestone

ESA collaborates with Sinay


Sinay has announced the signature of a 1,6 Million EUR contract with the European Space Agency to create a Digital Maritime Platform. The Digital Port Platform project consists of a Hub of maritime modules to enhance port competitiveness through improved efficiency and increased sustainability.

objectives of the service

Sinay Hub

Monitor, Analyze, and Predict Using AI-Powered Modules

The Sinay Hub is a digital software that gathers, analyzes, and monitors complex maritime data on one platform, helping you leverage data by delivering precise insights and key indicators.

We make it easy to access and understand data.

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 6, clean water and sanitation
SDG 9, industry, innovation and infrastructure
SDG 11, sustainable cities and communities
SDG 13, climate action
SDG 14, life below water

 Sinay proudly supports 5 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals with our environmental and logistic modules. The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development goals, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, are “an urgent call for action by all countries, developing and developed, in a global partnership.” This call for action being peace and prosperity for all people and the planet from the present to in the future.

Our Solution

Transform Complex Maritime Data
Into Simple Decision-Making Indicators

Port Congestion ETA

Our Hub

The Sinay Hub is a unique software platform that gathers, analyzes, and monitors complex maritime data in one place using different modules

The modules are environmental (water quality, air quality, and noise quality) and logistic (ETA, route planning, and estimated consumption). Each module aggregates complex data to solve one major issue to help the maritime industries’ daily business activities.

All environmental and logistic module indicators can be opened viewed on the platform individually, or they can be viewed on the platform together in one place at one time.  

The Sinay Hub is a time-saver tool that drives efficiency with advanced data analytics because  users can make decisions with accurate real-time information all shown on one platform. This gives maritime actors a 360-degree view of all their activities. 

Our Awards

Award-Winning Innovations


Sinay is honored to receive the Audience Award during Salón Náutico Internacional Barcelona for SINAY digital platform!


Blue Invest Day virtually brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and enablers in the Blue Economy.


Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port Hackathon : Winner for the Challenge n°1 : Optimize the waiting time for ships in port"

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