Sinay in a nutshell

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Our Mission

Align business efficiency with ocean sustainability

We hope for a world where humanity and
biodiversity thrive together on Ocean Earth. 




“We love Data, we love the Ocean, we connect both.”


Drive efficiency for ocean industries

We gather data from various sources and use AI algorithms to deliver key performance indicators
through our Sinay Hub, modules, and APIs.
Using our products; offshore and freight logistics
industries have access to valuable data insights into air
quality, water quality, aerial noise, underwater acoustics,
metocean, ETA, port congestion, or CO2.

Mitigate impact on ocean biodiversity

We have been providing professionnal services for 15
years. We specialize in data collection, real-time
monitoring, and environmental impact assessments
for offshore wind farms and government agencies.
Our team of project managers and sea-going
technicians are expert in wildlife, marine parameters,
instrument deployment, surveys, and studies.

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Our Mindset


We are ambitious,
determined, and
resilient on our
international journey.

Unity in diversity

We rely on each other’s
different backgrounds
and skills to reach our

Customer focus

We stay in tune with
our customers to come
up with the best
disruptive solutions.

Global vision

We think further and
farther to have a huge
impact on a global


Working at Sinay

Sinay has a unique team combining both maritime and engineering skills.

Based on agility, trust, and cooperation, our work culture encourages people to connect in both professional or social settings.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Sinay is committed to showing no prejudice in recruitment and treating employees fairly. We embrace cultural diversity and continuously work on gender equality.

We score 92/100 on the Gender Equality Index, including the best possible score for the Pay gap (40/40).

10 nationalities

42% women

33 average age

CSR Commitments for 2028

Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in five key areas: 

  • Sustainability commitment to our Clients, the Ocean, and Society
  • Strong in-house team culture
  • Dedication to Climate Action and Circularity
  • Ethical Governance and Stakeholders Trust
  • High-Value Technology and Responsible Growth

Our Management Crew

Yanis Souami
Founder & CEO
David Lelouvier
In Coming
Guillaume Blondeau
Director of Operations

Antoine Vermot
QHSE Manager

Doriane Hugon
HR Manager

Ahcene Sadi
Head of Tech & Data

Ingrid Pilard
Head of Marketing

Thierry Ducellier
Head of Sales

Sylvain Vandewalle
Head of Growth & Usage

Mathieu Jacob
Head of Operations Projects

Fabien Noël
Project Manager
ObsMer Bay of Biscay

Alice Vastel
Project Manager
ObsMer Brittany

Alex Chailloux
Project Manager

Johan Bourdais
Product Owner
Hub & PS

Loïc Stouff
Product Owner
Acoustics & Metocean

Alice Legrand
Product Owner
Emerging Markets