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Developed by a team of data-scientists and AI specialists, Sinay’s APIs are carefully crafted by decades of expertise in the maritime field to solve environmental and logistics industry issues.

Whether your activity is focused on ocean freight and issues regarding vessel tracking and ETA, port congestion, GHG emissions or ocean analytics and biodiversity, our APIs will help you build the best tools specially tailored to your needs.

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Get automated ETA Predictions for any vessel to any port worldwide. Based on AI and machine learning algorithms combining real-time situational awareness and decades of historical data, Sinay’s ETA predictions are highly reliable and accurate.

Benefit from a built-in confidence index and detailed explanations of the ETA.

Free trial available. Free online ETA Calculator available to visualize features.

    "errorCode": 0,
    "message": "Success",
    "timestamp": "2021-10-04T07:15:51.777+00:00",
    "pageNumber": 0,
    "totalPages": 1,
    "data": [
            "arrivalTime": "2021-10-10T04:12:27Z",
            "distance": 0.0,
            "distanceUnit": "Nautical Mile",
            "remainingTime": 256.4358226621001,
            "remainingTimeUnit": "hours",
            "remainingDistance": 0.0,
            "remainingDistanceUnit": "Nautical Mile",
            "confidence": null,
            "pta": null
    "congestion": 50.54,
    "gapWithMean": 26.3,

Port Congestion API

Port Congestion is a major issue impacting the world whole supply chain. 

With our API, you can get the real-time congestion status of a port to save money, better allocate resources, and optimize operational efficiency. 


Vessel API

Tap into compete AIS data, from live vessel position, vessel details, vessel speed, destination, and progression over the last 24 hours.

Free VisiFleet online app available to visualize features.

  "imo": 9706906,
  "mmsi": 235112026,
  "flag": "GB",
  "name": "CMA CGM ZHENG HE",
  "length": 399,
  "width": 54,
  "type": "Cargo",
  "callSign": "2IQU8",
  "eta": "2022-06-19T17:00:00Z",
  "destination": "SUEZ",
  "lastKnownPosition": {
    "emittedAt": "2022-06-17T07:36:34Z",
    "latitude": 15.0216,
    "longitude": 41.933083,
    "speed": 18.1,
    "course": 334.9,
    "heading": 335,
    "accuracy": 1,
    "rot\"": 0,
    "collectionType": "satellite",
    "maneuver": 0,
    "draught": 15.8
  "area": {
    "geoJson": {
      "type": "Polygon",
      "coordinates": [
  "time": {
    "start": "2021-06",
    "end": "2021-08"
  "model": "Global"

Metocean API

Sinay provides customers with current, swell and wind data, via an API.


Predict and monitor Co2 emissions for a ship based on real-time data and GLEC framework

Co2 emissions API

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