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Data / Artificial Intelligence

What Is Port Digitalization?

Port digitalization is the digital transformation of port processes. These processes are always collecting new data, evolving, and learning. This gives stakeholders real-time situational awareness of all events going on in their ecosystem. This transformation is a big cultural change for the maritime industry, an industry born in the 15th century.

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Data / Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence in Smart Port Operations?

Artificial intelligence is a key technology for smart ports and the reason for port automation. In fact, without AI smart ports could not exist. AI converts data with powerful algorithms to replicate the thought process of humans. As port operations are redundant, there is a lot of past and real-time data produced that can be plugged into these AI algorithms and technologies.

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Smart Port Artificial Intelligence
Data / Artificial Intelligence

Smart Port 101: What Is a Smart Port?

A smart port is a digital port. “Smart” means being more attractive and innovative in a competitive sense. A smart port is a more effective, more performant, and a more economically competitive port. Not only that, but smart ports consider residents a key stakeholder of their activities. They use real-time information, a collaborative management approach, and essentially provide more with less.

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Five Areas Ports Can Easily Improve Operations for Better Business

Ports, the center of maritime based business activities and crucial to the economic development of their surrounding area, are a major actor of the shipping industry. Now, ports are going greener to reduce waste emissions and help the climate, while simultaneously increasing their competitive advantage.

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Port Congestion ETA

Port Congestion: How Estimated Time of Arrival Can Help

Over 90% of the world’s goods are transported by sea, thus one can imagine an increase in port congestion and less accurate ETAs. Thankfully, with the Sinay Estimated Time of Arrival Module, ETA has never been more accurate, and you can see exactly where your vessels are in just one click.

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Data / Artificial Intelligence

4 Questions to start with Artificial Intelligence

The research in Artificial Intelligence aims at producing machines that have the same capabilities as the human mind to perform tasks such as understanding language, recognizing pictures, solving problems, and learn.

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