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shipping routes

What are the Major Shipping Routes?

Shipping routes  are the navigating lanes, both natural and man-made, in wide waterways (oceans, lakes…) used by large vessels to connect major ports and carry cargo. These routes allow efficient, safe, and economic transportation.

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Shipping company

10 Biggest Shipping Companies in the World 

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 largest global shipping companies as measured by TEU. The TEU is used as a unit of measurement that is used to determine cargo capacity and is derived from the dimensions of the standard 20-foot shipping container. 

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What is the Maritime Supply Chain?
Port Operations

What Are Port Operations?

By port operations, we refer to a series of maritime procedures aimed to ensure the smooth transition of vessels and their containers from one terminal to another. Sea travel can be undertaken through many different means.

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Offshore Operations

What is Metocean?

Metocean concerns understanding meteorological and oceanographic conditions in offshore coastal engineering or renewable energy projects.

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Offshore Operations

What is weather downtime?

Learn about Weather Downtime and how estimating potential lost time due to weather can reduce risk and increase efficiency for offshore projects in the maritime and renewable energy sectors.

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Data / Artificial Intelligence

Maritime city
Smart Port

Top Maritime Cities

Maritime activities have always been the cornerstone of global trade. All throughout history, the human population has been aware that one of the main elements of having a successful and prosperous economy was securing access to the sea and vessels.

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Artificial Intelligence

How AI Helps Fight Climate Change

Climate change is a pressing issue, and we need to act together to find solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent further harm to our climate and oceans. Thankfully, AI has the ability to help humans discover new solutions by using advanced data processing.

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What Is a Digital Twin?

As ports adopt digital technology within their operations, another exciting innovation is making its presence felt: step forward the Digital Twin. This technology is enabling us to see what is happening now – and in the future – to our physical assets and infrastructure.

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