Estimated Time of Arrival Calculator Module

Accurately predict the ETA of any vessel for free

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and data-driven algorithms, our Estimated Time of Arrival module accurately predicts the Estimated Time of Arrival of any vessel. 

Our machine-learning software combines the data obtained from a ship’s AIS (Automatic Identification System), with historic voyage data and metocean data to precisely calculate the next port of call of a ship and its arrival time.

Our ETA Calculator is specially designed to help you in your daily operations: 

  • Get a quick update on a ship’s ETA to clear up any doubts
  • Get the real-time position of a ship
  • Optimize port calls thanks to an ETA that is more reliable than port’s information 80% of the time 


Benefits for shipping industries

Get better predictions thanks to our AI backed calculator

Streamline communication and share real-time predictions with all stakeholders involved

Increase your trust index by becoming more reliable and competitve during berthing operations

Benefits for ports

Optimize time at berth
& Better allocate resources
Avoid berth conflicts 
& improve maritime safety. 
Prevent port congestion
and reduce air pollution.

Intuitive and easy-to-use

How it works

Add your Vessel MMSI

Enter your MMSI or IMO and we will find your vessel information.

Choose Departure Position

The ETA Module is connected to a database for all vessels in the world. This allows us to use accurate AIS data to locate your vessel. You can choose the current position to start the calculation or select any port in the world.





Choose Departure Time

If you choose the current position at step 2, you can select the last
AIS received time or enter a future departure time.

Add Arrival Position

Then enter the port of arrival and click to get the ETA result.


Get your ETA Accurate Result

After these for steps are completed, a dashboard will show the port of departure and departure time, all vessel details, a map, vessel statistics, the port of arrival and predicted time, along with a trust index. The trust index portrays how likely the ETA is to change.

Usage & Integration

Use the ETA Calculator Interface

Want to make the switch from paper or spreadsheet schedules to a dynamic digital tool? 

Start using our ETA Calculator module, an easy no-code interface that will allow you to calculate an ETA in just 4 simple steps simply using a ship’s IMO or MMSI number. 

And best of all? It’s completely free

Usage & Integration

Integrate ETA Calculator API

Our ETA Calculator is backed by a strong AI algorithm, running though decades of historical data of the main maritime routes worldwide, vessel data, AIS as well as real-time and predicted weather, guaranteeing pin-point accuracy in its results. 

Are you looking to improve or replace an already in-place system? Our ETA Calculator can be integrated via API to compliment or enhance any POS or inhouse tool. 

Want to test the API or request a quotation? Fill-in the form here: 

Request API credentials

They trust us


The calculated information available in the estimated time of arrival Module are: 

  • The estimated time of arrival of a vessel in a port  
  • The route time 
  • Statistics of the ship on this route 

Our machine-learning software combines the data obtained from a ship’s AIS (Automatic Identification System), with historic voyage data and metocean data to precisely calculate the next port of call of a ship and its arrival time. 

The estimated time of arrival Module is a “plug-and-play” solution.  

Thanks to 4 Steps, the results are delivered within a span of a few seconds.