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How does Route Planning work?

Predict and prevent Maritime Routes from your dashboard

For the maritime industry, route planning is the process of planning which route a ship can take that would be the most efficient. Efficiency can either be in terms of fuel consumption or in terms of speed. Route planning is also in line with route optimization. In the maritime industry, it is expected that cargo gets to the right place at the right time. Companies and people around the globe rely on precise predictions of when a vessel will arrive with a shipment of goods and services, and route planning is a part of this precise prediction.

Route planning is complicated, as many features must be taken into consideration in order to plan the best route. There are always multiple routes available. An example of a feature is weather. Route planning must consider effects of weather on the vessel speed, and weather is constantly changing. Regarding route planning, captains choose a trajectory as a car driver must choose a highway. As there are different highways on the sea (maritime lanes), the highway chosen by the captain will not result in the same distance to the port or the same weather along the way. The choice of the route will thus have a significant impact on the planned route.

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Predict & Prevent Maritime Routes

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Route Planning?

Route planning helps with overall port and shipping operational efficiency. Route planning helps shipping companies and ports with delivery times, overall helping with global supply chain management. That is why Sinay created the Route Planning Module. The Route Planning Module is an advanced search for maritime routes with filters and can save your routes to use them in our other modules. Route planning helps shipping companies with route optimization. With the Sinay Route Planning Module, you can see vessels on maps and planned routes in real-time thanks to our route optimization software and root planning features that use AI algorithms.  

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Start using our ETA Calculator Module for free and get an accurate prediction in just a few clicks. 

Easily integrate Sinay’s vessel ETA Calculator into your system by API. Provide accurate predictions thanks to our AI models.

Predict the best maritime route to optimize fleet rounds & fuel consumption.

Predict the best maritime route to optimize fleet rounds & fuel consumption.

Visualize your fleet statistics on charts and maps, compare vessels and export your key indicators.

Select the relevant data regarding your activity and visualize all the events in your defined zone to better understand the marine environment.

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