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The Metocean Analytics tool can help you in many fields and activities. Below you will find several case studies that show you in which context we intervened, what was the challenge, and what solution we brought for our clients in all Oil & Gas activities. 

Global Maritime

Context: Global Maritime is a marine, offshore, and engineering consultancy that specializes in marine warranty, dynamic positioning, and engineering services. In the context of a project located in Asia, Global Maritime needed details of the extreme conditions of waves and wind at their location of interest.

Challenge:  Global Maritime needed extreme value analysis on wind and wave historical conditions in a region affected by cyclones.

Solution: We produced the extreme value analysis for the location of interest based on the innovative RFA analysis methodology developed internally, which allows for more accurate extreme value estimates in regions affected by superstorms such as cyclones, hurricanes, or typhoons.


Context: Geocean is a French marine construction company, owned by Entrepose (Vinci group). Within the scope of a pipeline laying project offshore Cameroon and one project off the Peruvian coast, the company required ocean currents, wave data, and statistics.

Project 1: Cameroon

Challenge:  GEOCEAN needed ocean currents data and statistics in a remote nearshore location offshore Cameroon in a short timeframe.

Solution: We have performed a tailored numerical simulation which allowed us to provide all necessary data with respect to the customer’s deadline.

Project 2: Off the Peruvian coast

Challenge: GEOCEAN needed wave data and statistics in a remote location offshore Peru on short notice.

Solution: We provided wave statistics for the location of interest using the existing database from its extensive catalog.


Context: Aibel is one of Norway’s leading service companies and a turnkey supplier of oil, gas, and renewable energy projects. The company is specialized in engineering, construction, upgrading, and maintenance solutions.

Challenge: Aibel needed to get a global overview of the metocean conditions.

Solution: Thanks to the interactive maps of ocean currents, waves, wind, seawater temperature, and bathymetry, integrated into Metocean Analytics, Aibel obtained the information they needed in just a few clicks.


Context: Scaldis is a company specializing in marine heavy lifting and installation operations for the offshore oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.

Challenge:  For the planning of offshore operations on an oil & gas infrastructure in the North Sea, Scaldis needed a quick overview of historical metocean conditions and historical weather windows. 

Solution: Scaldis obtained directly online an overview of the wind, wave, and ocean current conditions at the point of interest for their project. The weather windows tool available through Metocean Analytics allowed Scaldis to plan their offshore operations with respect to their vessel’s capabilities.

Doris Engineering

Context: DORIS Engineering is a company specializing in engineering design for offshore energy projects in the renewables and oil&gas sectors. 

Challenge: For the design of an offshore structure located in Europe, Doris Engineering needed wind, wave, and ocean current data and statistics with a strong time constraint.

Solution: With Metocean Analytics, DORIS Engineering obtained directly online in just a few clicks all the wind, wave, and ocean current data and statistics required to specify the design parameters of the future offshore structure. 

SBM Offshore

Context: SBM Offshore is a company specializing in engineering design and installation for offshore energy projects in the oil&gas and renewable energy sectors. 

Challenge: For the installation planning of an offshore structure located in Europe, SBM Offshore needed quick access to the historical metocean conditions as well as historical weather windows at the offshore site of interest.

Solution: With Metocean Analytics, SBM Offshore obtained directly online a complete characterization of their site of interest including wind, wave, and ocean current statistics. They also obtained historical weather windows and downtime estimates taking into account the specific constraints of the vessel to be involved. From this information, they were able to easily plan future offshore operations.

Tulip Oil

Context: Tulip Oil is developing an oil field offshore in The Netherlands and required knowledge of the metocean conditions on-site.

Challenge: Tulip Oil required the metocean statistics to be provided in a prompt manner due to upcoming project deadlines.

Solution: We were able to respond to Tulip Oil’s demand providing site characterization with average conditions and extreme values in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is a significant part of the maritime industry. It involves the exploration, extraction, refinement, and transportation of oil and natural gas from offshore and onshore locations.

The oil and gas use specialized vessels, such as oil tankers, gas carriers, and offshore supply vessels, to transport oil and gas from offshore platforms and onshore facilities to their final destination.

The biggest companies in the oil and gas industry are those that have a strong presence in the offshore exploration, production, and transportation of oil and gas: ExxonMobil, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, PetroChina, and more.

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