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Participate in reducing environmental impact while improving business efficiency

To be Sinay’s partner is to participate in reducing environmental impact while improving business efficiency.

Our strong and lasting partnerships are based on trust and transparency.

We select partners based on their expertise, with the objective to support our customers from beginning to end on their projects.

Take advantage of our digital software by monitoring, analyzing, and transforming your data.

Join us to become part of our network of expertise and to build a transparent, effective, and win-win partnership.

Our Partners

A unified Environmental Monitoring System

An ecosystem of experts:

Being a Sinay partner means belonging to an ecosystem of excellence in maritime data.

Technical expertise:

Benefit from a double expertise in maritime knowledge and big data.

Monitor and visualize:

Benefit from an intuitive dashboard to integrate your data.

Who are our Partners?

Partners type

Best smart port models

Sensor Supplier/Manufacturer

Consulting Agencies

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Tech Partners

Partners type

Sensor Supplier/Manufacturer

Diversify your offer by providing additional services to your equipment: an interface for visualization and data analysis of several types of sensors.

Thanks to our solution, save time and money, increase visibility, vary your clientele, and make your offer more competitive.

Combine data from one or more types of sensors on our platform and access a data visualization dashboard of all data monitored by your equipment in real-time.

Consulting Agencies

Our turnkey solution helps consulting agencies save time and money managing their environmental monitoring projects.

Hard to handle so many projects at one time?

With our centralized unified environmental monitoring software, consulting agencies can gather all their projects on one digital platform and organize them by client or by environmental parameter to easily visualize all key indicators.

Tech Partners

Being part of Sinay’s network allows you to expand through diversification and additional services. Whether an environmental, logistic, or other company interested in data monitoring, our modules will add value to your offer and business.

Take advantage of the maritime domain thanks to our expertise in maritime data.

Enrich your offer by proposing additional services and capturing all the needs of your customers.

Turn your expertise into a product. A give-and-take support where everyone will gain in technicality and in expertise while making the proposed solutions evolve.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

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