Our solutions


We provide an environmental monitoring and logistics optimization software-as-a-service, the Sinay Hub, to the key players in the marine industry.  Our technologies based on data unification and AI enable us to accelerate the digitalization of the maritime sector by making it smarter and more efficient on a daily basis.

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Smart ports

Our solutions for ports to operate under a clear and organized framework either to reduce their environmental footprint or to improve their operational efficiency.

 We help ports in the process of becoming Smart & Green either with a Workshop approach for the one who need guidance or directly with our Environmental Management Software, the Sinay Hub.

Shipping industry

Our logistic solutions for the Shipping Industry to optimize ship arrivals, better allocate resources and drive operational efficiency.

We help the Shipping Industry to use the power of their data combined with AI algorithms to tackle their key challenges, such as vessel route optimization or waiting times reduction.

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Participate in reducing environmental impact while improving business efficiency.Our strong and lasting partnerships are based on trust and transparency.

Take advantage of our digital software by monitoring, analyzing, and transforming your data.

Join us to become part of our network of expertise and to build a transparent, effective, and win-win partnership.