ESA & CNES collaborates with Sinay to create a Digital Maritime Platform for the Future

The Ditigital Port Platform

The Digital Port Platform is a Hub of maritime modules to improve port operations and lower their environmental impacts.

This Hub gathers space assets and other sources of data to transform them into key indicators thanks to advanced AI technologies.

It allows real-time situational awareness to solve major environmental and performance issues.

esa cnes and sinay
objectives of the service of the digital port platform

Objectives of the service

Within the last 12 months, Ports have faced unforeseen heavy congestion and vessel delays worldwide.

The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of a vessel is a fluctuating indicator owned and shared between a lot of different actors that are not necessarily communicating with each other directly.

The port calls efficiency is a critical issue for both, Ports and Shipping Companies.

Accordingly, a shared collaboration platform is more than ever needed to face the issues and allow all the actors to have the same information.

At the same time, Ports are facing environmental challenges. The International Maritime Organisation ranked water quality monitoring among the Top 10 goals for ports.

The Digital Port Platform provides a set of connected applicative modules and services to improve the port’s operations and lower their environmental impacts thanks to real-time situational awareness.

Service/system concept

The Digital Port Platform provides a holistic digital ecosystem dedicated to ports.

This set of connected applicative modules and services is cloud-based, fully secured, and can be accessed through any device – to deliver:

  • Comprehensive vision of operation and water environment
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Increase awareness of innovation

The user can enhance Just in Time operations and Water monitoring thanks to Space Assets.

digital port platform - Sinay

User and their needs

Ports are the Hub where all maritime activities meet.

The Digital Port Platform targets the Port Authorities, the Port or Terminal Operators, Port Master Office, and the Ship Managers to optimize their operational efficiency while reducing their impacts on the environment and more specifically to lower water pollution.

The Digital Port Platform is articulated with various modules & services:

01. Predicted Time of Arrival applicative module

  • Accurate information about the incoming vessels (search, identify, blacklisted, exact position, etc…)
  • Estimation of full consumption and CO2 emissions of specified vessels
  • Accurate ETA prediction, comparison, share ETA among all stakeholders

02. Water Quality Monitoring applicative module

  • Monitoring of water quality from sensors (real-time and historical data) that can be moved to a strategic place
  • Prediction to optimize dredging operations, know the incoming traffic, detect the marine oil pollution incident, and understand propagation …
  • Receive alerts in real-time and in case of incoming stormwater or flood risk
  • Visualize a risk map of water areas threatened with pollution coming from the land

03. A Port Collaboration Service

  • Improve internal & external collaboration: Pin and label a pollution event, history of pollution observations, sharing of the blacklisted vessels

04. A Port Business Intelligence Service

  • News feed, per topics, and testimonials and use cases of port authorities’ innovation

Space aded value

PTA module



Identify incoming vessels

Visualise incoming vessels’ position

Calculate remaining route and prediction of Arrival time based on sat AIS and historical AIS data

Sat EO

Visualise incoming vessels’ position

Detect oil spill emissions for incoming vessels

Space weather

Integrate space weather prediction in the calculation of prediction of arrival time to enhance the accuracy of this indicator

Water quality module

Space weather

Integrate space weather for stormwater prediction


Transfer of data from buoys and water quality sensor

Sat EO

Predict turbidity based on sat EO image

Space Nav

Improve WQ monitoring with mobile sensors that will be able to move to strategic monitoring locations within the port vicinity


Identify vessel position in the port vicinity

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