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port congestion

Add Port Congestion Status into your daily tools using API

Get the real-time congestion status of a port to save money, better allocate resources, and optimize operational efficiency with the help of our API

    "congestion": 50.54,
    "gapWithMean": 26.3,

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Add Accurate Port Congestion Informations into your Daily Tools

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Use Case

Port Congestion Visibility helps optimize port calls and reduces unnecessary waiting times caused by not knowing the real-time congestion situation at port.  

  • Get a real-time status of Port Congestion worldwide
  • Filter Port Congestion per Vessel Type and characteristics
  • Compare Port Congestion Status with the Port Average Congestion
use case

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Powerful and easy-to-use

How it works


Get API Key

Get your API Key from our team and include it in your request Header.

Free trial is available. 


Request a Congestion Status

  • Request Congestion Status for the port of your choice. 
  • Filter Congestion Status per vessel type if needed.


Get Congestion Status

Once request is completed, Congestion Status will return: 

  • How full is the port : percentage of Congestion compared to the port’s maximum capacity. 

  •  Is the Port more congested than usual : percentage of Congestion compared with usual average Congestion Status.


Iterate regularly to get Congestion Trend

Congestion Status is updated every hour, with the values from the last hour.

Iterate regularly to get the latest Status and store Congestion values to get a congestion trend in your favorite ports.

Sustainable development Goals

With the Port Congestion API, Sinay is committed to the fight against pollution and climate change thanks to innovative technology. Reduced port congestion and an optimized supply chain help maritime traffic to be more efficient and more respectful of marine biodiversity.

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