Marine Contractors

Increase Safety, Operational Efficiency, and Sustainability

Better Analysis of Metocean Data

To carry out your activities at sea effectively, you need to have a good insight into the environmental and weather conditions. 

We understand the importance of Metocean data to prepare or conduct offshore or coastal operations or developments as a marine contractor. 

Tools for marine contractors to analyze weather downtime

How Sinay’s Complete and Reliable Metocean Analytics Can Help Marine Contractors

Using Sinay’s advanced technologies and reports helps you to work smarter and become more sustainable.

smart port efficiency and turnaround time

Ensure safe operations at any time

Evaluate the likelihood of extreme climate events, determine the most suitable weather windows and adapt your operational planning accordingly. 

smart port digital data

Increase operational efficiency by avoiding weather downtime

Create unlimited scenarios and analyze the data to know the weather downtime for all your complex operations.


Confirm a project feasibility

Assess the safety and operability of floating and fixed structures and other marine engineering projects to select the most appropriate site. 

Bottlenose dolphins in the ocean with underwater noise in the background

Improve sustainability to protect marine ecosystem

Assess the potential impact of activities on marine ecosystems and reduce your environmental footprint

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Our metocean high-quality data help you tackle the main challenges you face in your day-to day business. Get access to long-term statistical summaries derived from field data collection, forecasts, analysis, studies, numerical models, maps, etc to conduct your projectMetocean Analytics allows the creation of multiple projects. Multiple users can be on the same account,  and share results and reports for efficient collaboration. 

Define your Usage of Metocean Analytics

Digital hub

Metocean Analytics subscription or on Demand

Access Metocean Analytics high-resolution datasets and comprehensive analysis either On-Demand for specific projects, or through a yearly subscription for unlimited usage.

Metocean API

Access Metocean Analytics high-resolution datasets and comprehensive analysis either On-Demand for specific projects, or through a yearly subscription for unlimited usage.

Ask for Site-specific or Tailored Studies

The Sinay’s team can undertake a customized field measurement campaign for a multitude of locations worldwide if the existing data related to a specific site are insufficient to meet your needsOur team of experts also provides personalized advice to enable you to make the best use of or metocean analytics, based on your needs and strategy.   

Metocean Conditions at sea for offshore operations

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Frequently Asked Questions About Marine contractors

Marine contractors’ mission is to improve the performance of ports, and marine and offshore operations for the sea shipping business, the oil and gas industry, and the renewable energy industry, among others. By providing innovative, cost-effective, and environmental-friendly services/solutions, they contribute to the overall efficiency and smoothness of the whole maritime industry.  

Marine construction describes all constructions, works, or projects in which vessels are used. It’s most of the time constructions at sea as dredging, drilling, pipe/cable/buoy laying, etc.

Extreme climate events might put your people and equipment at risk, for example, if they have to travel over a rough sea, work in a stormy area, etc. for construction, installation/removal, operations, reparation/maintenance of marine structures (wind farms, solar plants, bridges, offshore equipment, floating platforms…)

In the world, the major companies that have marine contractors are Heerema Marine Contractors, Subsea, DOF subsea, DeepOcean, and many more.

You can have all the information about marine contractors with the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA).

What are the negative effects of operations at sea and how to reduce them?

Negative effects can be of various kinds: 

  • low water quality,
  • underwater noise, 
  • light,
  • destruction of plants and coral environments,
  • disturbance, injury, or death of marine animals (fishes, crustaceans, turtles, whales, and other mammals): alteration of their habitats and behaviors (hunting, feeding, communication, reproduction, migration…). 

Sinay has an array of environmental modules to help you monitor some of the above aspects, and on the basis of the outcome, adapt your techniques or review your projects in order to preserve the extremely sensitive ecological environment, both undersea or in coastal zones for birds and other species. 

You can use and analyze Metocean conditions at all stages of your project’s life span. Historical databases, real-time information, and prediction of weather and ocean conditions are useful for a wide range of applications:

  • local or regional climatology,
  • physical oceanography, 
  • wind, 
  • sea state,
  • waves, currents, streams, tidal movements,
  • water levels,
  • coastline hazard

An API can allow easy access to all information you may need at a monthly, seasonal, or yearly scale directly on your company’s own tools. With these most valuable inputs available in a single digital place, you can make swift, relevant, and cost-effective decisions that help you be efficient, reduce risk and comply with regulations, and refine your strategies. 

In Sinay, the capability is based on our team’s sound experience, coupled with in-depth knowledge of the ocean processes, and a thorough understanding of the metocean data requirements. Furthermore, we rely on well-established methodologies, international standards, and industry best practices for our assessments. 

Our solution can be used in different operations as:

  • drilling/extraction and related repairs, 
  • transporting, 
  • installing and removing offshore structures, 
  • dredging or rig moving, 
  • vessel maneuvers,
  • loading for barge transportation

Our metocean analytics can be combined with our IA-based logistics modules to ensure effective planning and smooth management of your operations. For example, thanks to historical and real-time data from AIS equipment and satellite observations, our vessel ETA calculator helps you better allocate your human and material resources. This contributes to increased efficiency and higher profitability.