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Actual Time of Departure

What is the Actual time of departure?

The Actual Time of Departure (ATD) is a critical metric in the maritime industry that signifies the exact moment when a vessel departs from its current location or port of call. It represents the recorded timestamp when the vessel physically leaves the berth or anchorage and commences its voyage.

The ATD holds significant importance for various stakeholders involved in maritime operations, including shipping companies, port authorities, terminal operators, logistics providers, and cargo owners. It serves as a key reference point for accurately tracking and monitoring vessel movements, facilitating efficient planning and coordination throughout the shipping process.

By capturing the precise ATD, stakeholders can establish an accurate timeline of vessel activities, allowing for effective resource allocation and scheduling of subsequent operations. Port authorities and terminal operators rely on the ATD to manage berth availability, optimize cargo handling operations, and ensure a smooth flow of vessels within the port.

Furthermore, shipping companies and logistics providers utilize the ATD to synchronize their activities, plan vessel rotations and estimate arrival times at subsequent ports. The ATD information helps them optimize their logistics chain, minimize transit times, and provide reliable service to customers.


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