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Are you looking for the European seabass price, the Norwegian lobster price or the scallop price depending on your fish market?

Whether you are a fisherman, a shipowner, a fishmonger, or a professional buyer, knowing the fish price is one of your top priorities.

The Fish Price App by SINAY makes your daily life easier and gives you free access to all the fish prices by species and by market, in just a few clicks.*


Find out new Fish Price's features:

List of the fish markets that sell the chosen fish specie

History of the sale price & intake for each species according to the fish market

Calculation of average price & average intake per month or per year

See in the targeted fish market:

List of the available caught species
for the chosen fish market

Average weekly price & price change
compared to the previous week

Average weekly landed tonnage & tonnage change compared to the previous week


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  • Posting of the daily price for a specie
  • Comparison of prices between fish markets
  • Prices and landed tonnages prediction
  • Improvement of data by adding your own sales and purchase information

*The information aggregated within Fish Price is public data, accessible via France Agrimer and updated on a weekly basis.