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How does Underwater Acoustics work?

Many marine species use underwater sounds to communicate, search for food, find mates, stay safe, and navigate. Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) use sound as we use our eyes. When noise is produced by human activities, it can overwhelm the noises of the natural environement and impact the behaviour of marine species and even cause them harm.

Harmful underwater noise can be caused by piling for oil and gas, construction, shipping (ship sounds, engine noise), port activities, military sonars, and seabed excavation. We call this “anthropogenic noise”. These sources can be monitored and predicted, to reduce the underwater noise they produce to safety levels. The presence of marine mammals can also be detected within the monitored area, and alerts can be raised to help in decision making.


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Predict & Prevent Underwater Acoustics

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Monitor noise pollution in real-time to avoid environmental impacts 

Stream complex data to map underwater noise

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Why should you use
Underwater Acoustics?

Underwater acoustics monitoring helps to understand the health of the coastal and underwater ecosystems. Noise pollution is often overlooked; however, it is essential to ocean health that it be monitored. That is why Sinay created Underwater Acoustics Module. Sinay’s Underwater Acoustics Module uses sound and noise monitoring techniques to provide data which can be interpreted by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Sinay’s Underwater Acoustics Module streams complex data such as real-time maritime traffic, windfarm layout and seismic zones, oceanographic data, the presence of marine live, and live data from drones. You can map underwater noise and prevent human impacts on cetaceans and fisheries resources.

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Monitor air quality in real-time, be alerted when a threshold is reached & easily comply with regulation thanks to the automated reports.

Monitor water quality in real-time, predict and avoid water pollution & comply with regulations thanks to the automated reports.

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Visualize as layers key geographical information among maritime data to consolidate them.

Control in real-time and reduce aerial noises thanks to alerting systems.

Monitor underwater life with its diversity and composition, to avoid human impacts and preserve the oceans.

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