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Water Module

Your Water Quality Monitoring & Compliance Manager

Monitoring water quality for pollution and environmental awareness requires accurate and reliable real-time data, processed and analyzed to enable fast decision-making.
The data must also take account of natural processes such as weather or tidal movements.

The Sinay Water module enables you to precisely monitor water quality, whether this is in ports, oceans, offshore or surface water inland.
The Water module allows you to understand why changes are happening and whether they are predictable.

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Predict & Prevent Water Quality Pollution Rapidly

Monitor water quality compliance across multiple sensors – together in one place.

Use real-time monitoring data to make
fast & accurate decisions.

Adapt smart alerts to local context which take account of natural tide movements and weather.

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 6, clean water and sanitation
SDG 11, sustainable cities and communities
SDG 13, climate action
SDG 14, life below water

With real-time water monitoring, regulatory compliance, and smart alerts, the Water Module within the Sinay Hub helps reduce marine pollution. Sinay Participates in the protection of marine biodiversity through water quality monitoring.


Water Module Leaflet

Discover how our Water Module is revolutionizing water quality monitoring. Download our Product Leaflet

Predict and prevent water pollution from your dashboard

Water Quality Data at Your Fingertips –
Keeping You in Control

Sinay collects water quality data from sensors using Wi-Fi, radio signals, 4G, and 5G. The program uses APIs to connect all types of sensors and transmits data at a chosen frequency, enabling the data to be easily accessible from your dashboard. Sinay’s Water module enables you to be proactive in water pollution management, measuring the impact of environment projects as well as monitoring compliance with international regulations.

The Water module monitors all types of water quality indicators. These include parameters for temperature, salinity, total micro algae content, oxygen levels, and the quantity of organic matter.

All Water Module alerts are adapted to the local context. This means you know that they are real, valid alerts which are not associated with natural tide movements and weather.

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Automated reporting tools for maximum efficiency

Water Quality Data Monitoring
in Multiple Locations

Water quality monitoring and compliance managers need to rely on accurate data to make the right decisions – and quickly. The Water Module contains an automatic reporting tool which reads data from an unlimited number of sensors across multiple sites. This innovative digital tool saves time and paper, enabling you to focus on the analysis and management of an area.

The Water Module is part of the Sinay Hub, a system connecting you to accurate and real-time information for all kinds of maritime sectors. We can create a bespoke dashboard to meet your exact requirements, with swift delivery and implementation.

Intuitive and easy-to-use

How it works

Define the monitored area

Define the area of your project which can be anywhere in the world by selecting the map

Select your sensors

Select your sensor types and position them



water monitoring project map



Connect your sensors

Connect your sensors to the module by FTP, API and others protocols

Set your alert thresholds

Set your alert thresholds according to your specifications


Water Monitoring Whitepaper

Discover how our module is revolutionizing water quality monitoring. Download our Whitepaper.

Designed for Ports and Aquaculture

Use cases

Supply chain


Port can benefit from the Water Module for their daily activities like dredging, usual water quality monitoring, port extension…
Thanks to the Water Module, Port will have a real-time situational awareness to help them to take the best decisions and prevent water pollution events.

aquaculture smart monitoring


Water Quality is also crucial for the aquaculture to make sure the cultures are growing in a healthy environment.
The Water Module with the real-time knowledge and the smart alerts will help the aquatic farmer to move the culture to the right places depending on the water quality, prevent the death of the culture if a water pollution event occurs…

Focus on data to make effective decisions

Discover our modules

Choose one module to solve one specific pain point or combine several modules to monitor efficiently your environmental footprint.
Save time and money thanks to the key indicators.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor air quality in real-time, be alerted when a threshold is reached & easily comply with regulation thanks to the automated reports.

Monitor water quality in real-time, predict and avoid water pollution & comply with regulations thanks to the automated reports.

Deliver a preliminary metocean analysis and the associated report in jut a few minutes.


Predict the best maritime route to optimize fleet rounds & fuel consumption.

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Featured Content About Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring System: A Complete Guide

How does water quality measuring work? 

Sinay’s water quality monitoring systems use quality data collected from a sensor for example to help with environmental management and assessment and monitoring water quality in real time. The software program uses quality data resources collected from water sensors to give an assessment and analysis of water quality, to identify if there are chemicals, show the health of the water, and identify any possible pollution. For example, water monitoring can identify dissolved oxygen levels which communicates the health of water.   

Water quality monitoring with Sinay measures water quality in real-time, as opposed to water quality testing sampling taken by hand. Therefore, the assessment is done in real time in the water monitoring program and our program shows assessments of all waters in seconds.  

Why should you measure water quality? 

Quality assessment water monitoring helps with pollution monitoring, for example identifying a chemical in water bodies or drinking water that could be harmful. Water quality measuring is important for all water bodies, including but not limited to ports, rivers, and streams.   

Surface water quality, ambient water quality, and drinking water quality are all important water quality standards. Water quality monitoring also helps ports to comply with the environmental protection agency regulations. Using real-time data for monitoring water quality is one of the best methods for monitoring assessment and environmental protection, all while making your business more competitive. Our water quality monitoring program, using real time data programs, helps monitor water health and quality.