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Save Time and Comply with Regulation

All your environmental data in one place

Tired of having to juggle with a multitude of environmental softwares to monitor the air quality, the water quality, or the ambient noises? Sinay breaks the rule of “one software, one environmental parameter” and gathers all your environmental sensors & data in one unified envionmental monitoring system: the Sinay Hub.

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A unified Environmental Monitoring System

All data in one place

Gather all types of sensors and get the monitored informations in one place

Key indicators & Alerts

Visualize your key indicators and be alerted in real-time to prevent pollution events

Share your initiatives

Share your environmental monitoring and avoid the attacks

Focus on data to make effective decisions

Discover our modules

Choose one module to solve one specific pain point or combine several modules to monitor efficiently your environmental footprint.
Save time and money thanks to the key indicators.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor air quality in real-time, be alerted when a threshold is reached & easily comply with regulation thanks to the automated reports.

Monitor water quality in real-time, predict and avoid water pollution & comply with regulations thanks to the automated reports.

The Fish Price App by Sinay makes your daily life easier and gives you free access to all the fish prices by species and by market, in just a few clicks.

Map underwater noise and prevent human impacts on cetaceans and fisheries resources.
Control in real-time and reduce aerial noises thanks to alerting systems.

Monitor underwater life with its diversity and composition, to avoid human impacts and preserve the oceans.


Visualize as layers key geographical information among maritime data to consolidate them.

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