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Unveiling Metocean Analytics: Student Edition for Weather-Driven Success

Metocean Analytics is an advanced weather intelligence platform that empowers individuals and organizations to make informed decisions based on comprehensive weather data. Our platform provides accurate and up-to-date information on a wide range of meteorological and oceanographic parameters, including wind, waves, ocean currents, tidal currents, water height, temperature, and salinity.


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Powerful tools for students and educators


Worlwide coverage

Analyze wind, wave, ocean currents, tidal currents, water height, temperature, and salinity at a global level.


Comprehensive weather insights

Gain access to high-quality, real-time weather data for your chosen locations


Easy-to-use interface

Our intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures that you can navigate Metocean Analytics effortlessly

Why Metocean Analytics for Students and Educators?

At Sinay, we believe in the power of knowledge and access to critical information.

We understand that students around the world have a strong desire to explore and understand complex weather phenomena for their academic pursuits, research projects, and personal curiosity.

To support your learning and growth, we are thrilled to introduce our special plan for students.

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Unlocking Weather Knowledge

To make Metocean Analytics accessible to students, we have created a special plan for students.

Get access to this invaluable resource, and become the next generation of meteorology enthusiasts, researchers, and industry professionals.

Metocean analytics, collaborative tool for metocean data analyze

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 9, industry, innovation and infrastructure
SDG 11, sustainable cities and communities
SDG 13, climate action
SDG 14, life below water

Sinay’s Metocean Analytics solution offers an innovative approach to gathering and monitoring metocean data for offshore projects, providing valuable insights and analysis to enhance the efficiency and safety of the industry. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, the solution delivers data on weather conditions & other environmental factors that impact offshore operations, enabling companies to make informed decisions that optimize project performance and reduce risk. This promotes sustainable practices and environmental consciousness, making it an essential tool in supporting the safety and preservation of marine biodiversity.

Access Metocean Analytics


Create your account

Create an account on the Metocean Analytics tool and proceed to account activation.


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Once your account has been activated, fill in the contact form below with all the necessary information

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Discover our modules

Focus on data to make an effective decision

Choose one module to solve one specific pain point or combine several modules to monitor efficiently your environmental footprint.
Save time and money thanks to the key indicators.
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Metocean API

Predict the best maritime route to optimize fleet rounds & fuel consumption.

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Metocean Analytics

Deliver a preliminary metocean analysis and the associated report in just a few minutes.

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Air Quality

Monitor air quality in real-time, be alerted when a threshold is reached & easily comply with regulation thanks to the automated reports.

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Water Quality

Monitor water quality in real-time, predict and avoid water pollution & comply with regulations thanks to the automated reports.

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Metocean concerns understanding meteorological and oceanographic conditions in offshore coastal engineering or renewable energy projects.

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