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Safecube - Advanced Container Tracking

One tracking platform to improve your supply chain visibility

Experience end-to-end multimodal flow tracking, visual mapping, and precise geolocation of goods across sea-freight and multimodal trade routes. Simplify your business operations and gain control over your supply chain. 

safecube tracking solution

Track and manage all your shipments

Thanks to Safecube’s intuitive platform, follow all your shipments from door to door. Add shipments to your watch list and configure alerts to be informed of all status changes and ETA and make sure expeditions are going smoothly.

  • Goods geolocation for routine performance monitoring 

  • ETA prediction

  • Port-to-port tracking information

  • Real-time alerts notifications

  • Analytics Dashboard (lead-time, delays, carrier and lane comparison)

  • Integrated with client information system

  • Aggregating data from different sources (shipping line and ports, AIS vessel tracking, customer data,…)

Goods and Asset Tracking solution
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Efficient Portfolio Management

View all shipments at a glance on a dynamic map using filters to highlight only the most relevant information.

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Live Position Tracking

Access an interactive map feature that provides real-time tracking of shipment positions with the vessel route.

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Custom Notifications

Proactive and adjustable alerts within the platform or by mail – for shipment updates, new ETAs/ETDs, changes in rotation, port omission, sleeping container at berth, etc.

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Predictive ETAs

Get a dynamic estimated time of arrival prediction to anticipate all your operations and alert your customers in case of delays

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Powerful Analytics

Convenient and dynamic statistics reports of your tracking activities to bring out trends and highlight relevant insights.

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Inform all Stake-holders

Easily provide customized access for colleagues or external clients for specified functionalities and flows 

Full digital tracking for major sector issues

Full Digital Tracking allows you to track all shipment journeys from door to door perfectly. Get all relevant data, from shipment geolocation, ETA, and status, track arrivals, and add trade lane insights for the most accurate insights.

We offer solutions for major sector issues such as:

  • Difficulty in detecting exceptions: port congestion, port emission, roll-offs… These issues can disrupt operations and hinder efficiency and the supply chain.
  • Lack of trust: 50% of shipping lines do not provide accurate information.
  • Real financial risks: Unpredicted delays can have a huge financial. impact on your supply chain.
  • Loss of time: 80% time loss when manually checking shipment status on various carrier websites.

All APIs

Sinay APIs

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Container tracking

Integrate Container tracking information (location, delivery status and eta) in your own system by API. Provide easy cargo tracking with our all-in one API.

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Port Congestion API

Get a real-time status of Port Congestion worldwide, filter Port Congestion per Vessel Type and characteristics and compare Port Congestion Status with average port congestion.

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Easily integrate Sinay’s vessel ETA Calculator into your system by API. Provide accurate predictions everytime thanks to our AI models.

Logo co2 api


Monitor CO2 Emissions per TEU. Monitor carbon emissions of any sea voyage per TEU. Get an estimation for a voyage ahead of time or calculate emissions post voyage.

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Noise API

Monitor Sound Exposure Level. Monitor SEL for any vessel type or journey worldwide. Compare with LLoyds and Bureau Veritas standards.


Ports and Vessels API

Find the port UNLOCODE or the vessel identifiers corresponding to the name you already know. Use this API to easily integrate our other APIs and improve your user experience.

Third party APIs

Logo vessel api

Vessel API

Get All Vessel Details and Position (AIS). Tap into compete AIS data, from live vessel position, vessel details, vessel speed, destination, and many other datasets.

Logo metocean api

Metocean API

Retrieve historical Ocean Weather Data for any zone and from any period.

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 9, industry, innovation and infrastructure
SDG 11, sustainable cities and communities
SDG 13, climate action
SDG 14, life below water

By improving the efficiency of supply chains, enabling more effective management of greenhouse gas emissions, and improving the environmental performance of the maritime industry, API container tracking allows the use of data to meet particular sustainable development objectives.