Vessel Tracking and ETA for Ocean Freight

Discover unique tools to locate and track any commercial worldwide. Get reliable ETA predictions thanks to powerful AI algorithms in just a few clicks. 

Access Quick & Easy Tools to Locate and Track a Vessel.

Whether you need to quickly locate a vessel or get a reliable ETA Prediction, Sinay has designed easy-to-use web applications to help you keep up with ocean freight.

Use the VisiFleet Module to locate one or multiple vessels by creating a list to which you can come back at any time. See the live position of the vessel on a map and its past track, access vessel details and calculate its ETA if needed.

Use the ETA Calculator to get a reliable prediction based on powerful calculations considering live vessel performance, maritime route, and live port congestion. Easily refresh the calculation and access ETA history by creating a free account. 

Container Tracking, ETA Calculator, Congestion, Noise & CO2 services are available by API, allowing you to build your own tools tailored to your specific needs. 

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Live Vessel Tracking

Thanks to its simplified interface, the VisiFleet Module is specially designed to help you keep track of any vessel you are interested in locating and tracking. Simply create a project and add one or multiple vessels to the map and access their live position as well as past vessel track.

By creating a project, your list of vessels is saved, and you can return anytime to check on their progression.

Easily navigate to the ETA Calculator module and calculate an ETA to any port worldwide if needed.

ETA Predictions

Thanks to its powerful calculation algorithms, the ETA Calculator provides predictions based on live vessel position, vessel performance combined with decades of historical data and live situational awareness such as port congestion.

By creating an account, you can access time-saving features such as the option to refresh a prediction, access all ETA history, or share the ETA Prediction with any relevant stakeholder.

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Build Your Own Vessel Tracking Tool

All our services are available by API. Easily access all API documentation and developer resources in our dedicated help center.

APIs are perfect to build your own tool or integrate new features into an existing software. Multiple maritime shipping service providers such as Port Community Systems, ERP, Track & trace solutions (per vessel or cargo) use Sinay’s technology to enrich their data and enhance their products.
Shipping lines, ship owners and operators can also be interested in these services.

Free trial of our APIs is available upon request.

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Easily keep track of any vessel in just a few clicks

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One single account to access VisiFleet and ETA Calculator

Over  450 000 vessels, and 2500 of worldwide ports covered

Join a community of over 1000 users

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Calculate an ETA for any vessel worldwide thanks to our quick ans easy online calculator and get better predictions than AIS

Easily integrate Sinay’s vessel ETA Calculator into your system by API. Provide accurate predictions thanks to our AI models.


Visualize your fleet statistics on charts and maps, compare vessels and export your key indicators.

What is vessel tracking?

Vessel tracking consists of checking a ship’s current location anytime and anywhere in the world. Having this information is key for all the stakeholders of the sea transport industry: shippers, importers, shipping lines and shipping agencies, freight forwarders, port authorities, etc. It helps them in various ways, depending on their respective activities:

  • prepare documentation, customs clearance, and cargo pick-up;
  • better manage operations;
  • improve vessel security;
  • follow-up their fleet performance;
  • ensure smooth communication between remote ashore/offshore parties.

Locating a commercial vessel in real-time along its journey is easy, using modern tools without having to log in with a user ID and password.

How do I check vessel tracking?

Finding a vessel’s exact location along its journey and getting details about it only takes seconds, using its name or MMSI/IMO number. Tracking websites like Visi-Fleet or mobile apps that aggregate data from all vessel monitoring systems (VMS) offer accurate information on any ship.

How do I track a container ship?

container ship’s real-time location can be easily tracked on dedicated websites or apps, thanks to the data provided by the Automatic Identification System (AIS) worldwide network. The user can simply use either the container number or the Master Bill of Lading. If he/she knows the IMO number or the name of the vessel that carries its cargo, he/she may also use it to follow up on the vessel’s progress at sea.

How do you track a vessel on a bill of lading?

Various websites and apps are used to track a vessel on a bill of lading. The only information needed to do so is the ship’s name or MMSI/IMO number and its exact location can be displayed on an interactive map. A single click on the icon representing the vessel on the nautical charts provides the user with additional valuable data:

What is Ocean Freight?

Ocean freight is a transport mode of goods of all kinds. Cargoes are carried by sea, either in standard or special containers, in bulk, etc. Sea freight represents 90% of international trade, well ahead of air, railways, road, or multimodal.

How do I track ocean freight?

There are plenty of dedicated websites and apps that can be used to track ocean freight using:

  • a container number;
  • a Bill of Lading number;
  • a ship name or MMSI/IMO number.

These tools provide the exact coordinates of a shipping container at any given moment. Detection is quick and reliable, thanks to the great marine traffic community, which is the largest global network of land-based AIS receivers. On top of the detailed information regarding the sea transportation process, the most developed systems give an insight into the status changes of the cargo.

How do I track freight shipment?

The easiest and fastest way to track freight shipment is to use online vessel tracking websites or apps. Such tools feature a search function that can communicate a detailed list or display an icon on advanced density maps. Augmented reality enables powerful visualization on a user-friendly interface.

Any of the following information may be used to trace the movement and location of all international shipments: container number, vessel name, or MMSI/IMO number.

Is there an app to track ship?

Sinay’s Visi-Fleet module is one of the most popular tools available for maritime industry stakeholders. It allows the user to create a list of vessels and indicates the live position of each ship unit of the fleet on a map for easier reading. The vessel’s recent activities are also available and it is possible to calculate its ETA at the next port of call or at the final port of destination if required.

The Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Calculator uses Artificial Intelligence and various information from AIS and satellites to make very accurate predictions (weather info, vessel traffic in the area, potential hazards…). A ship’s name or MMSI/IMO number entered on the welcome page is the sole necessary information to get its last known position: date, UTC time, latitude, and longitude.

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