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Do you ever wish to predict accurate vessel estimated time of arrival? With our AI algorithms and team of PhD AI experts, we created a platform to analyze, predict, and forecast shipping estimated time of arrival (ETA). Our digitalization of ETA saves you time and money, making your logistics more efficient. Our logistic software gathers and presents all your data on one unified platform: The Sinay Hub.

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Our logistics software uses real-time data to provide an accurate overview of shipping logistics 


IT Digitalization

Make data-driven decisions powered by AI

Ease digital transformation

Cloud-based solution integrating the most relevant data

Logistic Efficiency

Increase visibility and vessel activity 

Assess situations before they happen

Overview of current and historical vessels for BCO, shippers, and carriers 

New Innovation

Enhance resilience of maritime transport with forecast data

Anticipates problems and helps avoid them

Forecast data provides prediction of ETA, port congestion, route planning, and weather conditions

Focus on logistics data to make an effective decision

Discover Our Modules

Choose the needed logistic module, either to predict ETA, choose the best route plan, predict consumption, or know important statistics. Increase value chain efficiency, save time and money, and reduce your environmental footprint. Each module lets you solve specific key pain points thanks to the IoT connected sensors.

Logistics Efficiency

Accurately predict the ship arrivals at the port to save money, better allocate resources, and optimize operational efficiency.

Start using our ETA Calculator Module for free and get an accurate prediction in just a few clicks. 

Easily integrate Sinay’s vessel ETA Calculator into your system by API. Provide accurate predictions thanks to our AI models.

Predict the best maritime route to optimize fleet rounds & fuel consumption.

Advanced search for maritime routes with filters and save your routes to use them in our others modules.

Predict the best maritime route to optimize fleet rounds & fuel consumption.

Select the relevant data regarding your activity and visualize all the events in your defined zone to better understand the marine environment.

Visualize your fleet statistics on charts and maps, compare vessels and export your key indicators.

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