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Monitor carbon emissions on any sea voyage, measured per TEU. With our accredited technology, you gain invaluable insights into the environmental impact of your freight, empowering you to make sustainable choices and contribute to a greener future.

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Measures CO2 Emissions



Precise emissions calculations for every shipment – to address climate concerns.


Certified emissions data. Endorsed by the Smart Freight Centre, aligning with the GLEC framework.


Easy-to-use emissions measurement solutions.

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Add your Route Details

Define the departure and the destination to compute the CO2 emissions of your route.


Compute your statistics

Compute CO2 emissions and its intensity for your specific journey.

Connect your sensors to the module by FTP, API, and others protocols

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 9, industry, innovation and infrastructure
SDG 11, sustainable cities and communities
SDG 13, climate action
SDG 14, life below water

Harnessing the power of data to monitor and analyze carbon emissions within the maritime industry, Sinay’s revolutionary CO2 Emissions Calculator is committed to elevating sustainability and efficiency in the sector. Offering real-time insights into carbon emissions, our API empowers companies to minimize their carbon footprint and make strategic decisions that streamline supply chains while mitigating port congestion. As a champion of eco-friendly practices, the CO2 Emissions Calculator represents a substantial stride in combating climate change and safeguarding marine biodiversity.

Track maritime events in a single platform

Certified Emissions Data

Trust in the data you provide to shippers. Sinay’s emissions calculations are endorsed by the Smart Freight Centre, aligning with the GLEC framework—the sole globally recognized methodology for measuring emissions throughout the logistics supply chain.

Empower Climate Action

Sinay equips you with everything essential for your customers to engage in climate action. Utilize our API or tools to harness your current data, seamlessly integrating sustainability into your shipper dashboard or booking platforms within minutes.

FAQ About CO2 Calculator 

Our calculator utilizes our measurement engine, which has been accredited by the Smart Freight Centre (SFC) for its compliance with the GLEC Framework.

This accreditation confirms that our technology for measuring carbon emissions meets high standards in terms of precision and reliability.

Tradelane Method: In this approach, we employ the factors specified in the GLEC Framework (2019 edition). By analyzing the departure and arrival points, we identify the tradelines utilized and determine the associated emission factors. 

Calculating emissions from sea freight is crucial for environmental accountability, aiding in the identification of carbon footprints and promoting sustainable practices in the shipping industry.

It enables informed decision-making, fosters emissions reduction strategies, and contributes to global efforts to combat climate change.

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